Welcome to happiness knows no handicap

"Happiness knows no handicap"

Since March 2015, I have been photographing volunteer families living with the Downsyndrom. (Independent of age and voluntary).

From this originally born to the world Downsyndromstag day has become a very big wave - over 600 families I was already allowed to accompany (families travel with great effort and far distances), friendships have developed, an exhibition with the title "happiness knows No obstruction "was born! :-) and now there is finally a suitable website for this wonderful project !!!

Here you can see current pictures of my small and big models, read all exhibition dates and all the news about happiness knows no handicap! 

The goal and purpose of the exhibition is to make it possible for many families to take photoshooting in which the family, the child, the brother, the sister is seen as a human being without the disability plays a role or comes into the foreground.

We want to draw attention to a tolerant and colorful society in which people from small to large with a disability are perceived as just as normal, colorful, funny, (happy and happy) as everyone else! 

Through the exhibition, fear and hurdles are to be dismantled, families who expect a child with Downsyndrom will get a feeling with the pictures that this child is worth it and "happiness knows no handicap"! 

I currently finance everything in self-government - there is currently with a small publishing house an illustrated book, with 40 families, stories and recordings about "happiness knows no handicap". Press reports were already in the BILD newspaper, on Brigitte.de, SAT1, Cologne TV, Kangaroo Cologne, Kidsgo as well as various smaller and larger Internet portals. 

Families who wish to participate in the project are welcome to send me a message at any time.

Interested exhibitors are equally welcome!